forced into womanhood

betsy missed the great sissy art from 'forced womanhood' magazine ; here are some new illustrations portraying feminized sissy sluts serving their Master & Mistress!

oulala, the artist is so talented at rendering erected nipples!

put into chastity

this is a great moment for a sissy : properly made up, dressed in a sexy sheer nightie, she is put into chastity by a beautiful Mistress in fetish wear!

how long will the chastity device be locked on her? hard to say ; but for sure it is a big step in her feminization!

looking at her it would be hard to believe she is a manly man playing dress up ; it has gone too far...

vintage inspired lingerie

bernie dexter - the model who was oh so nicely wiggling in a previous post - is back!

this time she models great vintage inspired lingerie that betsy would die to wear ; every thing is perfect : the different pieces of lingerie, their fabrics and colors, the seamed stockings, the fetish heels and of course the sheer gloves!

a sissy learns to please her Mistress

this video shows a very dainty japanese sissy maid in a pretty pink satin uniform who learns the ways to please her Mistress ;

no need to say that her little cockette will remain in her panties!

folding lingerie

this post is for the wannabe sissies who wonder how to fold their pretty underwear ;

here is a nice tutorial from linda koopersmith which will allow you to learn the way of folding panties, thongs and bras ; ready to practice, gurls?

pvc french maid uniforms

here is a great collection of all sorts of french maid uniforms in shiny PVC : with or without petticoat, with long/short sleeves or no sleeves at all, with a regular apron or an oversized pinafore for special tasks ; the color black is a must, but trying some other colors should be fun!

my my, betsy longs to wear high gloss PVC! it is eye catching, soft to the touch, and it feels so amazing against the skin ;

some more sissy captions

Mistress Lisa and sissy mickael are back in an other slideshow of great sissy captions!

it can be used as masturbating material for naughty sissies or teasing material for sissies who are not allowed to touch their clitties!

old-fashioned lingerie

old-fashioned lingerie is so appealing: sexy satin/lace/sheer bras and panties, girdles, garter belts, real nylon seamed stockings and suspenders ; and what pretty colors too!

most sissies would feel something special watching this video ; betsy certainly does!